Ag Planning makes catering for the XIII Edition of the Awards Apportt

On Thursday December 10 at the Tinglado 1 of Mallol de Costa of Tarragona Port was the celebration of Christmas dinner and the ceremony of the 2015 Awards Apportt.

Brain food in TAP

Last 22nd of April we offered a catering service in Tarraco Arena Plaza

Any time of year is perfect for taking the ‘I do’.

The firsts two weddings in Tamarit in winter

The seminar of Tarragona receives Dow AgroSciences group.

Dow AgroScience group celebrated his annual convention.

GAES in Tàrraco Arena Plaça

GAES celebrated his anual convention dinner with us in Tàraco Arena Plaça

Menu tasting time

Now is time for the couples tastings where they can tast all different courses for their big day.
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