1st Gala dinner of the Four Navies at the Port of Tarragona

Last July 23rd, AG Planning Gourmet served the catering of the 1st Dinner of Four Navies in Tarragona.

The Fishermen's Association of Tarragona, the Royal Yacht Club of Tarragona, the Naval Command of Tarragona, the Spanish Association of Captains Yacht for Civil Reserve and the Spanish Royal Navy League, have organized the first dinner of the four navies: Navy, Mercantile, Fishing and Sport. The event took place at the “Tinglado 1” at Tarragona’s fishing port and more than 150 guests enjoyed the catering offered by AG Planning.

The dinner was a social and recreational event for all those who are involved with the sea, and the end of the event they could enjoy a lovely evening with live music.